Glowing Gone Campaign

A campaign using color and creativity to inspire support for saving coral reefs.

The Glowing campaign was inspired by a phenomenon we witnessed while filming the Netflix Documentary, Chasing Coral. 

Some corals glow in fluorescent color in a desperate bid to protect themselves from underwater heat waves caused by climate change. It is an indicator that we’ve reached a tipping point, not just for coral reefs, but for the planet – we are on the verge of losing entire ecosystems on which we depend.

Working with the UN Environment Programme, together with Pantone and Adobe, we turned these warning colors into colors that everyone can use to inspire action. The Glowing campaign challenges powerful brands and the creative community to use the three Glowing colors to amplify coral’s warning signal and demonstrate support for action. Through the involvement of celebrities and brands, such as the World Surf League, it has reached and influenced millions of people around the world. 

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