#CreateWaves Campaign

Challenge: There’s a chronic lack of support for ocean science and conservation - yet the need for action couldn’t be more urgent.

We launched #CreateWaves – a campaign to reveal the importance of the ocean and inspire support for action.

2021 marks the start of the Ocean Decade – a pivotal moment when our actions will determine the state of the ocean for thousands of years.

We’ve teamed up with Adobe to launch #CreateWaves – a new campaign to create powerful artworks that raise awareness about the importance of the ocean and the need for action.

Learning about the ocean has all too often uninspiring, so we’re challenging the global community to get creative and make it exciting. 

It doesn’t matter how creative you think you are – Adobe has helped make it fun and easy to get involved with a special digital toolkit.

The campaign isn’t just about creating awareness, it is about creating real impact. We’re taking the artworks created to influence key UN conferences and event, revealing global support for ocean action.

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We rely on donations from our supporters and partners. Thanks to you, we are able to support critical ocean science and targeted conservation action, accelerating impact through creative partnerships and communication.

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