Ocean League

Challenge: The “Super Year for the Ocean” is fast approaching — an opportunity we can’t afford to miss, so:

We launched #OceanLeague — individuals, organizations, leaders and brands creatively showing their support for ocean protection.

The biggest ever opportunity for ocean conservation is fast approaching: the year 2021. Let’s make the most of it.

2021 is being described as the Super Year for the Ocean because of all the key international events setting long-term policy targets for ocean conservation. This comes at a pivotal moment for the future of the ocean as vital ecosystems such as coral reefs reach a tipping point and face complete collapse. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

The challenge is that ocean conservation rarely gets prioritized at the international level - the people campaigning for action are labelled environmental activists and are all too easily ignored.

So we’ve decided to get creative and to reveal mass mainstream support for ocean protection at the events that really matter. We’re building on the success of the Glowing Campaign with our Creativity Partner Adobe and UN Environment Programme and challenging the world to join the #OceanLeague. Ocean protection just got a lot more fun. Get involved.

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