Glowing Campaign

Challenge: There’s overwhelming support for climate and conservation action, but it’s currently going unnoticed and isn’t leading to action, so we’re:

Revealing support for action using color and creativity — with Adobe and PANTONE

A global campaign using creativity to accelerate climate and conservation action.

We’ve lost over half of the world’s corals already, and the speed of decline is accelerating. It has become clear we need to be very creative if we are going to save them.

The Ocean Agency has joined forces with Adobe, Pantone, WeTransfer, UN Environment, the World Surf League and PADI, and together we are aiming to unlock the potential of the global creative community in rapidly attracting mainstream support for coral reef conservation. The aim is to create enough attention and excitement around the issue that it rapidly becomes a priority issue for ambitious policy support and funding.

The inspiration for the initiative came from the corals themselves. Some corals turn incredibly bright colors when under too much stress from ocean heatwaves and excessive sunlight. It’s nature’s most vibrant warning signal — a signal that we’ve reached a tipping point for the planet. But it is a warning that has largely gone unnoticed.

The Glowing campaign, launched in June 2019, challenged the creative community — and the powerful brands they work with — to use three attention-grabbing colors of climate change to amplify coral’s warning signal and demonstrate support for urgent action.

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