We've lost our way with the ocean.

We've forgotten that the ocean is the source of life on Earth - the only known life in the universe. We didn't even know it was possible, but we're changing the it, faster than at any time in 65 million year. 

pWe're letting it decline faster than We can no longer see it's magic. And we barely know what we've done. We can no longer see it's magic.

Then we find the global partners that can make them happen in the shortest possible time.

What We've Achieved

  • The most comprehensive survey of coral reefs ever conducted
  • The world's largest visual archive of underwater panoramic images
  • The most viewed underwater imagery of all time - Underwater Street View
  • Discovery of important new deep reef coral species
  • Discovery of the deepest coral ever found on the Great Barrier Reef (at 125m)
  • Announcement and revealing of the 3rd Global Coral Bleaching Event 
  • Over one million children educated about ocean science through virtual reality
  • Over 9,000 editorial features in the media promoting ocean science

The one thing you learn from years in the advertising industry:
Virtually any problem, no matter how big, can be solved through the magic combination of creative thinking and a small motivated team.
— Richard Vevers, Founder of The Ocean Agency