Making ocean science hit the headlines 

The biggest ocean stories just aren't getting enough media attention, especially climate change related stories and there's nowhere near enough support for ocean science. We created the Ocean Change Syndicate to tackle this issue head on. We hunt out the important stories, bring together the key players, send out response teams and then do everything possible to make sure those stories hit the headlines. 

We kicked off the initiative by teaming up with NOAA and Google to announce and promote "The third global bleaching event." It became one of the biggest climate change stories in the lead up to COP21 with a media reach of 2.4 billion and a media value over $25 million. An historic agreement came out of COP21, but we need to keep the momentum going. The aim of our Ocean Change Syndicate is to make that happen and to increase global support for ocean science.  

Our bait for the media:

The Washington Post:

Our work on this initiative is the subject of Jeff Orlowski's latest feature film (director of Chasing Ice).