Our team all share a passion for the ocean and a belief in the power of creative science and communication

The Ocean Agency was founded by a team of ex-advertisers who thought they could put their skills to better use.  In the last few years we've brought together some of the world's leading communicators, scientists, innovators and creatives to all work together on our exciting projects. 

The Founding PARTNERS

Richard Vevers, Lorna Parry and Christophe Bailhache

Key team members

Ellen Ray (Communications Manager), Aaron Spence (Head of Digital), Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg (Chief Scientist) and Jayne Jenkins (Underwater Photographer) 


Protecting the ocean has never been high on the global agenda, it has always been seen as too big to fail. We now know we were very wrong.
Letting the ocean fail is simply not an option.
— Christophe Bailhache - Co-Founder of The Ocean Agency