To be a catalyst for the global action necessary to tackle the ocean's greatest issues.


Of all the conservation challenges on the planet, ocean conservation should top the list – it is about conserving the very source of life on Earth.

But it is a challenge that is out of sight and out of mind - awareness of the issues and fundamental role of the ocean is so low, ocean conservation is one of the least supported areas of conservation.

Each of the main issues; pollution, overfishing, ocean warming and acidification are major in their own right, but together they create arguably the greatest environmental challenge we have ever needed to overcome - that of ocean change.  

For thousands of years, the ocean has been stable, providing our planet with food, most of the oxygen we breathe, a favorable climate and a reliable supply of fresh water. It is the main reason why mankind has been able to flourish. But the ocean is no longer stable. It is changing faster now than at any time in millions of years. We have pushed it to its limit and beyond, thinking it was too big to fail us. 

93% of climate change heat is being absorbed by the ocean, and a third of CO2 emissions, rapidly changing ocean chemistry – the ocean is where the momentum of climate change is building up. Letting rapid ocean change continue is quite frankly not an option, not if we want humanity to continue to flourish.