We like to work fast

Here's What We've Achieved in The last FEW years

  • The most comprehensive survey of coral reefs ever conducted carried out in 26 different countries
  • The world's largest visual archive of underwater panoramic images
  • The most viewed underwater imagery of all time - billions of views
  • Over 4 million followers on social media 
  • Discovery of important new deep reef coral species
  • Discovery of the deepest coral ever found on the Great Barrier Reef 
  • Announcement and revealing of The Third Global Coral Bleaching Event 
  • Over 1 million children educated about the ocean through virtual reality
  • Two 6-pages features in TIME Magazine
  • Over 9,000 other editorial features in the media promoting ocean science independently valued at over $180m in Equivalent Advertising Value 
  • Ten TV-documentary features including a full 30-minute show on CNN shown in over 100 countries
  • A Netflix Original Documentary, Chasing Coral
  • Partnerships with Google, NOAA, UNESCO and the IUCN
  • An exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London 
  • And a dinner to celebrate it all... with Sir David Attenborough